A Jill of many trades and master of many more, Joy Sirott Savage Hurwitz has had years of experience in the art of reinventing herself, an expert, really. A renaissance woman in every sense of the word, Joy has worked in hospitals, sold reptiles, married and widowed twice, worked as a business owner/caterer in Hawaii, as a story analyst, still photographer, development slut, assistant, estate manager and 501c3 maven. She now finds her most fulfilling work in writing, spoken word venues and improvisational characterizations with the gang at Sit ‘n Spin and with Uncertainty Principals @ the Rowe/Vallely converted garage studio/Vanguard Hollywood.


Three Dames with a Clue is a long time coming event stemming from years of ideas gone awry, due to outside forces, or of her own undoing.  Joy is very excited, confident and eager to begin this new project with her two partners. She welcomes this enormous opportunity to meet, validate and uplift women in their many incantations of reinvention and life experiences.


Currently, Joy is working on a novel and blogs JoyHurwitz.


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