How can I attend a My Authentic Expression show?

Quite simply, show up. We’d love to see your smiling face. Click here to find out about our next show and how to reserve tickets. Each show has limited space, 50 women per show. The first four shows are FREE. Please email us to reserve tickets, as they are going quickly.


How can I sell my wares at a My Authentic Expression show?

Please send us an email. Featuring you would be a privilege. Space goes quickly, please be sure to contact us at least 30-days in advance.


Is there a fee to sell my wares?

Nope, not a dime, it is 100% free of charge as part of our “stimulus package”. All the revenue you earn from each show is yours to keep.


I heard that you were offering free tickets to each My Authentic Expression show, is that true?

Indeed! Six-weeks before each show, we’ll be hosting an essay contest on our website, http://threedameswithaclue.com with a topic we’d like you to write about. If your essay is chosen, you’ll not only win two free tickets to that show, you’ll also be reading your essay in front of a live audience.


How did you come up with the name, My Authentic Expression?

We came up with the idea of naming this gathering My Authentic Expression because we are asking all those who choose to participate to be fearless in their expression and allow their true selves to be illuminated, another way to dance with your creativity and live big. We are the conduit that helps you remember that place within you where you knew, truly knew that the world was your oyster and anything was available. Returning to one’s true Authentic Expression and we are providing a safe space for it to unfold and empower.


How can I find out more about Three Dames with a Clue?

Click here to learn more about 3D-WAC, that’s our acronym, donchya know.


How do I contact Three Dames with a Clue?

Email us at threedameswithaclue@gmail.com.


Does Three Dames with a Clue partner with non-profit organizations?

Yes. Please contact us. We are passionate about many organizations.