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Thank You Dames!

Thank you to all the fabulous women who joined us June 29th for our event on Women’s Expression of Sex and Sexuality.  The night included scintillating conversation and rousing performances by the devine Khani Jo Zulu Belly Dancer, word wizard and performance artist Flint, sizzling songstress Brie Feingold-Africa  and the beautiful burlesque dancer Penny Starr Jr.  The room was certainly steamy by the end of the evening!

Join us August 10th for our next show at The Vanguard.  Keep checking in as we plan our next topic for captivating conversation and provocative performances.


Oy! Even More Dames!

Do we have some dames for you!  Check out our latest webisode from our first event.  And don’t forget to RSVP for our next happening on June 29 at Vanguard.


Penny Starr, Jr

Penny Starr, Jr. is a Sexlebrity of epic proportions, just read her bio below. She’ll take your wig off. If you attend the June 29th show, you’ll get to meet Penny, live and in person. Are you plotzing?! We are, too!

Called a “delightful sexpot” by the LA Weekly, Penny Starr Jr. is the  “Pe-Tite Barnum of Burlesque”.

After spending 3 years making the documentary THE VELVET HAMMER BURLESQUE, it was no wonder that she decided to pick up the mantle held by her grandmother, Philadelphia burlesque dancer Penny Starr. 

Or, as Penny Starr Jr.  puts it, “You can only live with the circus for so long before you want to join!”

Making her debut at the legendary Miss Exotic World Burlesque Competition, PS Jr. ended her debut burlesque number by jumping in the pool that was the center of the outdoor performance space, giving new meaning to the word “breast stroke”.  In 2004, on her first anniversary of performing, Penny Starr, Jr. became First Runner-Up at the annual Miss Exotic World burlesque competition.

Penny Starr, Jr. continues to pop up all over the country, and dare I say, Canada.  She was a recurring dancer at the legendary Bricktops at the Parlour Club and Margaret Cho’s The Sensuous Woman.  She has made guest appearances in shows like, Lucha Va Voom, Joey Altruda’s Macabaret,, Cannibal Flower art event, the W Hotel in San Diego, the Va Va Voom Room in San Francisco, Skin Tight Outta Sight Rebel Burlesque in Toronto, Starshine Burlesque and the Slipper Room in NYC and the Peek-A-Boo Revue in Philadelphia, as well as the big burlesque events:  Tease-O-Rama, Exotic World and the New York Burlesque Fest.   She has been featured in the burlesque edition of STYLE MONTE CARLO, has been a centerfold for BARRACUDA MAGAZINE and currently writes the entertainment article for BACHELOR PAD MAGAZINE.

She and Penny, Sr. have performed the first and only grandmother/granddaughter striptease act.

In addition to dancing, Penny is the founder of the Striptease Symposium burlesque classes and produces and directs the Princess Farhana line of belly dance and burlesque instructional DVDs.

In the past, she has co-produced JESUS CHRIST’S HOLIDAY BURLESQUE REVUE, SUPERNOVA A-GO-GO during the San Diego Int’l Comic Book Convention, the film and burlesque event THE DD DOUBLE FEATURE (in Park City, Austin, Memphis, New Orleans and Los Angeles) and the 1920’s club CLUB SCHMUTZIG. 

Currently, she is producing the monthly variety show VICTORY VARIETY HOUR (“Raunchy, Bawdy and Fun”, voted one of the best shows in LA by Bizarre Magazine) at El Cid in Los Angeles.

Penny’s Website, It’s A Chick, MySpace and you can follow her on Facebook. Get ta’steppin folks, cause this is one dame, you definitely want to get to know.

In case you missed the latest Dames Video, check it out right here, More Dames!



Dames, Dames, Dames, we are filling up faaaaaaaaaast for the 5/11 show. Please RSVP ASAP on eVite or on our site.




Live From The Vanguard, Three Dames With A Clue, Presents: My Authentic Expression

Live From The Vanguard, Three Dames With A Clue, Presents: My Authentic Expression

We are proud to announce our first Authentic Expression. Topic: Reinvention. Location: The Vanguard in Hollywood.

Click Live Events to RSVP or skip over to eVite and RSVP.

We can’t wait to see you!







I don’t recall how I discovered Just Ain’t Right, Mary’s blog, but when I did, I fell hard for this dame’s writing. Her unapologetic approach, snarky wit and elegant turn of phrase were a wakeup call that quickly morphed into an addiction.


Recently, I got to know a bit about Mary via Facebook and email. Her passion for life, her work and living her life on her terms, combined with a breezy self-assuredness are qualities I can’t help but admire and respect.   


It is a privilege to present Dame Mary Vogt, a broad I hope to have coffee with one of these days.


Thank you, Mary, for sharing you with us.


Tell me about you: Your name, pseudonym, where you’re from and what your read is about?


Name: Mary Vogt


Psuedonym: Helen Wheels


I am originally from Kankakee, Illinois, and arrived in Los Angeles 12 years ago after living in Austin, Tx and Chicago, IL.


My blog started out as just an experiment in putting my thoughts out there. When I tell you that I never even hoped to have a reader, I am not kidding. I just wanted a place to rant. People found me, and I was completely amazed they actually read what I had to say. Because of the times (2005), and the fact I was becoming an increasingly bigger news junkie, my blog quickly turned mostly political. I felt then and now that my blog’s purpose is to disseminate information, to try to get the word out there. I truly believe that it was bloggers like me – thousands of us – that helped change the course of politics in the past few years.


What does being a woman mean to you?


A hell of a lot. I appreciate it every day. There are many ways in which our present society limits women; these present me with opportunities. I decided on an “alternative lifestyle” years ago (maybe as early as high school?). I have never been interested in getting married and raising a family. So, I didn’t. I found out along the way that society doesn’t view this as I do, but I’ve learned to just ignore the looks of pity I get when I say I’m single (at 45). It doesn’t seem to occur to people that I choose to be. Most folks consider an “alternative lifestyle” to mean you are gay. Not so. It’s also “alternative” to be independent (and my gay sister and I came to this conclusion together).  Nevertheless, what being a woman means to me is demonstrating that women are a power to be reckoned with.


Have you, are you, or will you reinvent yourself and, of course, what does reinventing yourself mean to you?


I think I reinvented myself when I left the corporate world in 2000 to freelance as a multimedia artist. I had been a Software Configurations Specialist at a major Los Angeles firm and I jumped ship. What ensued was an 8-year struggle to stay afloat as a web designer and flash animator. Now I work at home but full-time for a nonprofit as their web designer/ webmaster, and that has eased the financial worries somewhat, but left me able to still be creative. And, the best part is that I’m working for a cause I believe in. I’ve always been an animal nut, and have done a lot of dog rescuing. When I left the corporate world, I naturally just got back to myself. I adopted a dog, then another, fostered quite a few and got them adopted. And so I feel like gradually, I’ve reinvented myself. I went from an unhappy corporate employee to a very happy animal rights activist and artist. Not bad, eh? It’s never easy but choosing the hard road was a decision I made and have stuck to.


Reinventing myself was in essence returning to the part of me that I abandoned when the hormones kicked in in high school. Before that, all I cared about was animals. I’ve come full circle.