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Two Dames with a Clue Moisten Statement


Now hear this: feminists, hot mamas, soccer moms, mistresses, whores, sex workers, comedy writers, drama writers, writers, authors, screenwriters, poets, comediennes, actresses, financially challenged, homeless, jobless, dolls, dames, divas, quacks, neurotics, anger management issues, wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, spiritual, overtly spiritual, Jewish, Catholic, Christians, Muslim, Hindu, Breatharians, Sikhs, Pyraspherians, Native Americans, atheists, black, white, Asian, Latinas, multi-cultural mutts, frustrated, overwhelmed, overworked/underpaid, job-loving-happy-girls, lesbians, dykes, drama queens with vaginas, overly emotional, too-inside-your-head intellectuals, independent-self-reliant-and-wouldn’t-lean-on-anyone-to-save-herself-if-it-meant-feeling-beholden, needy-depressive-must-have-a-man-at-all-times — each one of you has something to say, a point of view and a voice to say it with.


Three Dames with a Clue is proud to present, My Authentic Expression, an ongoing  filmed theatre production in three hour increments for women to irreverently, humorously, shyly, candidly, angrily and soulfully say anything.


Each show focuses on a new theme, introduced and guided by a panel of expert women. Paired with appetizers and cocktails, each My Authentic Expression is an opportunity to explore the tenets of being a woman in this fragile economic and socio-political climate, and how it’s shaping and reshaping our lives.


Each show will feature up to five women’s wares, both profit and non-profit organizations. Tables will be provided to display and sell whatever you wish, from sex toys, to the greeniest of green products, to Tupperware, handmade cards and more.


By leveraging the best of the web, Three Dames with a Clue will virally syndicate My Authentic Expression in real time and in webseries formats, both audio and video. Sharing our voices with women globally and vice versa, to unite us and remind us just how small the world really is, and just how interconnected our lives and issues really are.


What we take from each My Authentic Expression show remains a mystery, as it should be.


In the words of Adrienne Rich, poet, writer and feminist, “The most notable fact our culture imprints on women is the sense of our limits. The most important thing one woman can do for another is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities.”


Let us begin by showing up.