sexlebrities, three dames with a clue live shows

As you know, Three Dames With A Clue’s second show “Women’s Expression of Sex and Sexuality“, is on Monday, June 29th. We expect to see all of your beautiful faces. If you haven’t RSVP’d, please do so, as space is filling up fast!

We wanted to introduce you to some of the Sexlebrities who will be performing at the show. Today, we’re proud to present singer/songwriter Brie Feingold-Africa. After you’ve read all about her, be sure to friend her on MySpace. Even better, we’ve got links that lead you right to her CDs, available for purchase right now.

Brie Feingold-Africa’s life-changing debut performance was deemed a Best Theatrical Moment of 2002 by Philadelphia City Paper. Her album The Singer-Songwriter Song is available at CD Baby. Her terrifying yet moving music inspired Benjamin Matvey to write the book for the play Brie! The Musical Dissertation, featuring many of her most-beloved songs. Feingold-Africa was invited to present her work at the Ninth Annual Symposium of Theater in Academe at Washington and Lee University, so she did, though she never did figure out what those people really wanted. She has headlined in NYC, performed for Comedy Central in LA, and blown through a bunch of other no-name towns as well.

What a goddess! Friend Miss Brie asssapy on MySpace and check out her CD’s.


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