Womens Expression of Sex and Sexuality

On June 29th, 2009, Live at the Vanguard, Three Dames With A Clue will proudly to present: Women’s Expression of Sex and Sexuality. Irreverently, humorously, embarrassedly, frustratingly, and honestly, we will sexpress ourselves.

Some of us have come into our own sexually, while others of us haven’t. Sex, regardless of how you see it, conservatively, unabashedly, or on the fencedly, one thing is certain, we women (straight, gay, bi, transgender) have pretty God damned strong opinions about the matter. This show is our moment to get our sexalicious dish on.  

Bonus: Everyone who RSVP’s, is invited to bring a 90 second snippet to share. Stand up or sit down, but say it proudly, even if it’s the most embarrassing moment of your life. Whatever you say will be welcomed with open arms.

Invitation and details to follow in the next few days.




2 responses to “SEX, SEX, SEX

  1. oh wow, this sounds interesting!

  2. I enjoyed the Reinvention evening..can’t wait for the new one..should be interesting as hell! 😉

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