Katey Sagal live at the M Bar May 16th

One of our Dames, of the 3D-WAC persuasion, Belle Zwerdling‘s good friend Katey Sagal, is performing LIVE at the M Bar on May 16th. Book tickets now, they are selling out suuuuper faaaaaast. For details, check out Katey’s site.

Ya’ll know Katey from Married with Children and Sons of Anarchy, which we’re all watching, right? Right! The second season starts this fall on FX. Harleyettes, if you haven’t seen it, start asssssssssssapy. You’ll love, love, love the show. Katey’s character Gemma, is complex, wicked and unabashed, a byproduct of her fierce, unrelenting love for her family and the lengths that she will go to to protect her meshpucha (family). PS: She’ll take your wig off in a good way.

What you might not know, is that Katey is a singer and a songwriter. Her voice and presence will curl your toes, make your gums itch and force your eyes out of their sockets. She’s fierce, yo. Her style is blusey R & B. She wrote and co-wrote the songs she’ll be performing at M Bar on May 16th. She has sung with everyone we know and love, from Bob Dylan to Bette Midler and everyone in between.

Buy tickets at Plays411 riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now. Run like a dawg.




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