Today is a very special day, it is one of our dames birthday’s, Elizabeth, and it is a milestone — she is 60 years young.

You might have read Elizabeth’s Authentic Expression.

Today, she wrote a post in celebration of her birthday, true to form, it is a gift to us, her readers and friends.

Here’s a snippet: “G’won now. Get out there and live your life, knowing that today, this day, you are creating memories, so choose to make them good ones. No matter what else you might lose or have taken from you, no one can steal your memories.”  To read the rest of Elizabeth’s delish post, click on over to Telling Secrets.

Elizabeth, we wish you a happy, healthy, perfect birthday. We are celebrating with you in spirit. We are grateful that you are seared into our memories.



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3 responses to “A MILESTONE

  1. Awwwwh, Katie, thanks so much. You always know how to make a girl’s eyes sweat. Good thing I’m headed for bed anyway – my mascara is completely ruined.

    I LOVE you.

  2. I didn’t really live my life until I hit 50. It’s been a great ride since then and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I have the freedom to do what I want..when I want. And a Ball n’ Chain™ that doesn’t bitch when I take off for parts unknown…without him. 😉

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