If you’re looking for the musiest of muses, motivation, validation, a much needed wake-up call to action to find yourself, I suggest you start reading Darryle Pollack’s blog and essays at Huffinton Post. You’ll be so hooked; like me, you’ll probably want a piece o’ the dame. Thankfully, she started Cluttercast, so you can do just that—own a piece of DP’s past.  


So. The dish. I started Twitterdating @DarryleP a few months ago and loved the name of her blog, “I never signed up for this”, and thought, ooh… campy-irreverent name. As I started reading, I loved how much of herself she poured into her posts and then I hit the archives. The best way to describe her writing is: magicsquared, which than becomes addiction, of course.  The broad knows how to spin a yarn.


Darryle is the epitome of reinvention by her design. Don’t take my word for it, read, bubbies, read.


Please welcome Dame Darryle…


Your name, pseudonym, where you’re from and what your read is about?

After so many years as a journalist, I’m more comfortable when I ASK the questions rather than ANSWER them.  But since you asked….


Name: Darryle Pollack


Pseudonym: none, as long as you don’t count my two married names.


Where you’re from: I grew up in Miami Beach and I live in Carmel, CA—with several stops in between.


What your read is about:   I am really bad at coloring inside the lines.  I write about everything—from cancer to clutter; from politics to parenting.  Maybe it would be easier to say what I DON”T write about:  anything involving science or technology or cars.  Although that’s not even true—one time I did write about cars—and I complain a lot about technology.


What does being a woman mean to you?

This is an example of a question I’d rather ask than answer.  What it means to me personally has changed over the years.  Because of the time and places I lived in—being a woman meant being a pioneer—-part of coeducation at Yale and part of the early television news business.   That’s all different now—when being a woman means having the widest array of choices—–in fashion and in life.


Have you, are you, or will you reinvent yourself and, of course, what does reinventing yourself mean to you?

I think reinvention is like adaptation.  It’s built into our DNA.  Without reinventing ourselves, our species would die off.   I think it’s the same for us as individuals.  Every change is a chance for reinvention—in big and small ways, professional and personal; visible and invisible.


My biggest reinvention was probably when I became a mother—since it turned upside down everything I thought I was about.  But an equally important reinvention was after I had cancer.  There’s nothing like losing your breasts –and ovaries—AND hair—to help you re-evaluate your self image and redefine your femininity.  By the way, I don’t recommend trying this at home.


Around the same time I reinvented myself professionally—as someone with a lifelong deficiency in art, who could never draw—who knew I’d become an artist?

My most important reinvention was reinventing myself as someone STRONG— someone who could take on cancer,  take on responsibility for my own health, take on doctors, even a medical school—I had no idea who this person was until I realized it was in me all along.  It became something I consciously developed and nurtured. 

For me, reinvention is almost like revelation—discovering a part of yourself you haven’t expressed or used before—and then learning how to make it part of who you are.  


Right now I’m in the process of reinventing myself yet again—on the internet.  Aside from being hopeless with technology and possibly the Grandma Moses of the blogosphere, being a blogger forces me to do stuff that is both frightening and freeing—-mainly by being transparent and writing about my own life.  Which is why it’s harder for me to ANSWER questions rather than ASK them.  And isn’t this exactly where we started???    



  1. Vitality rings out unmistakeably in this expression!

  2. darrylepollack

    Thank you and I felt the same about you!

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