When I think of Jintrinsique, I am reminded of the expression “Live out loud” and visualize gigantic, bright, swirly bubbles and happiness. Jin is an unabashed dame, the epitome of reinvention by her design and on her terms—which endears me to her even more. A kind and genuine soul, one of the finest pastry chefs, and a gal I couldn’t adore more. She blogs Jintrinsique and is the proprietor of Uniquely Yours Pastry Shoppe in Wisconsin.


Please welcome Dame Jintrinsique! Thanks for stopping by, doll, and for sharing YOU with US.


Tell me about you: Your name, pseudonym, where you’re from and what your read is about?

On September 12th, 1973, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, I entered this lifetime as one ‘Jennifer Marie Tomchek’. She was a very quiet, chubby, insecure & clumsy girl. I remained her right up until I entered a starter marriage, still in Manitowoc, circa 2002 when I became one ‘Jennifer Pasquill’. She remained quiet, yet every new day brought her out of her shell just a tad. But it wasn’t until she gave birth to the blog, Jintrinsique, that she became, me. I am Jintrinsique, well… I will be, legally, this spring when my divorce is final… in Manitowoc. Need I emphasize that I’m an Earth sign? ‘Well-Grounded’ is an understatement, big time!


My Blog, Jintrinsique, is all about me. Me & my pastry creations. Oh dear, that sounds so snooty! I’m really not, once you get to know me. Although, I may occasionally be an opinionated, perfectionist, anal retentive, food snob. Hmm… occasionally? Ah hell, all the time. Deal with it. Then go read my “Customers From Hell” series. Oh the stories I have yet to tell… and I shall!


In meatspace I’m more of a “Silence is Golden” type chick who abhors wasting time on small-town gossip & meaningless drivel. Give me convo with content because I bore much too easily & have an acute sense of smell that will send me scrambling in the opposite direction if accosted with bullshit. Of course, start talking about food, astrology or holistic anything & I’m all ears, more than willing to give you my 2¢ along with a fresh delectable pastry. Yum.


What does being a woman mean to you?

First & foremost, it means I get to wear low cut tops with push up bras. I do love sharing my cleavage with anyone who’s willing to look (and those who try not to, it amuses me when their eyes dart to & fro frantically trying to get away from a full on tit stare). Shallow? Maybe, but at least I’m honest about it. The good news? More women profit from my boobs than they might realize. Your husband, boyfriend (or girlfriend!) might come into my shoppe to stare & flirt, but they will ultimately leave with a cake, chocolate or box of pastries to take back home for their beloved. Referred to warmly as “The Guilt Buy”.


Have you, are you, or will you reinvent yourself and, of course, what does reinventing yourself mean to you?

I am currently undergoing my greatest reinvention ever. It all started with my blog. How bizarre! A tiny bit of cyberspace where I jinteracted with so many wonderful human beings. I think because I always was 100% myself there- open & honest with nary a fear of being judged. How fabulous is that?! The best part? If some jealous nasty miserable person does leave you a rude comment, why, just *CLICK* & delete their ass right on outta your corner o the blogiverse. OH YEAH!


One day, a few years back, I found myself in a very uncomfortable situation. I remember thinking to myself, “Jennifer, be jin. Jin will get you through this better than Jennifer ever could.” As the months passed jin came to the surface more & more. Jin is still inherently Jennifer… merely the new, improved, stronger, freer & immensely more creative version.


That said, I believe reinventing oneself is akin to finally letting your truest inner self emerge; without fear of what others might think. It’s a damn big step, but one well worth taking.



  1. Now this is a read! Wow – Jin, you are jinalicious sister!

    I loved reading about how you have become you and how you do so more and more each day. That is great and so full of life, that I hear Katie’s living out loud statement in the back of my head.

    As for your baking, having been the recipient of a box o’ Jin, I can only say this… Heaven exists. Jin baked it. I ate it.

  2. Oh, Katie! You’re the greatest! Thanks so much for the kind words. 😀

    Fran, you rock! Oh… and “box o’ Jin”, LUV it!!! 😀

  3. Jin, you and Jennifer are simply beyond fabulous. I love how you embrace your sexuality and sensuality. You are one helluva great dame.

  4. A pastry chef?
    Be still my heart.
    I have rich, fulfilling dreams of marrying a pastry chef.

  5. Beth, it takes one to know one! 😉 Thanks!!

    Karen- Marriage? Are you sure? Why not just seduce a pastry chef! 😉

  6. Atta girl Jin! Bravo!

    It has, and hopefully will continue to always be, my pleasure and honor knowing you, and watching you continue to reinvent and evolve!

    Excellent job on the jinterview, Katie! Thanks so much!

  7. all of a sudden I am hungry for cake 🙂

  8. Jin, you know I crush you with my love, and now that I know about your delicious jinboobies, I crush you even more! Yay!

  9. So good young Jinnie…best wishes okay

  10. Clearly, combining cleavage and pastry is a tried and true marketing plan, and one which I support whole-heartedly. Nor do I make attempts to divert me gaze, but rather embrace my dna completely by making sure to regularly review the effectiveness of Jin’s marketing plan each time she delivers pastry to our shop (that is, I always give her a good visual analysis, all in the name of sound business practice, of course).

  11. Love it! Awesome!

  12. You had me at hello. Ok and the pastries help too! I’m more than famished to not only have another pastry, but to know more about you. Thank you for sharing. There are a few points I share with you, let’s do chocolate soon!

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