Veronica blogs Lonely Roads & Psycho Paths, a read you must not miss. Her posts are thought provoking, riddled in subtext and will jab at your emotions in the very best way because she strikes a nerve. A gifted writer, a kind soul and a deep dame, Veronica writes from the core of her essence. I met her via Twitter and we clicked instantly.

It is a privilege to share her Authentic Expression with you; it moved the hell out of me.


Tell me about you: Your name, pseudonym, where you’re from and what your read is about?

I’m Veronica: Ghost writer, writer, ghost. I’m from New York. I write for several different sites but my focus is my Lonely Roads & Psycho Paths Blog. That’s the place where I share my real writing. I post some fiction, some prose, some journal-styled memoir. I rarely write about anything currently happening. I like the perspective and clarity that only come through time: I’d say that is a major element in my work. My Words are often pretty guttural and raw. I have a great deal of reverence for the Words and other writers seem to resonate with that.


What does being a woman mean to you?

 I’m a very paranoid and overly sensitive person. I think people forget that when they see the strength in my writing. I can’t handle it when a person is ridiculing or mean. I think that many people have glimmers of those hurt feelings I often have, and I think being a woman means having to shoulder those sensitivities and not be ashamed of them.

Comparatively, men are identified by society as the sex not as bothered by the indiscretions of cowards and haters. I could have said something very empowering here about vaginas and high heels. But to me, being a woman is not about empowering myself, it’s about disarming us all. It’s the Mother Earth most primal, safe, nurturing energy there is.


The lesson is simple:


It’s OK to feel. It’s not OK to hurt people. What you do while you’re on this planet matters. You leave a mark. You have to think, and own your actions, and be responsible for all you set into motion.


I think at our core, women have the capacity to get this in a way that many men just don’t.


Have you, are you, or will you reinvent yourself and, of course, what does reinventing yourself mean to you?

Every time Madonna or Pink have a make-over the press tells us they have re-invented themselves. I think to be reinvented it has to be more than a make-over.

I’ve changed my life around many times. I was a professional photographer in New York & New Jersey for years. I’ve worked in credit & collections for some major companies, I’ve worked in animal rescue and medicine in Pennsylvania, I even delivered pizzas in California. I’ve moved 12 times, I’ve been licensed to drive in 4 states. I’ve had relationships with men and women. I’ve fucked rock stars, collected unemployment, lived in my car, walked a varied spiritual journey, have had my heart broken, and married the love of my life.


You might say I’ve reinvented myself many times. You might say that, but I wouldn’t. I was the same soul, the same writer trying to find my way through most of those outward experiences. In my opinion, I reinvented myself once. I was in a very bad motorcycle accident. The broken bones were healed in a year but the cerebral healing took a lot longer. I was a different person in the aftermath: I had an understanding of life that I hadn’t had before and it truly changed me inside. It changed the way I interacted with everyone, it changed the way I write. It changed everything.


To me, that’s “reinvention.”




  1. Veronica, you are so deeply touchingly full of soul.

  2. like katie, i met veronica via the internet… one of the best days of my life.

    ps katie’s not so bad herself!!

  3. I read Veronica. I am amazed by Veronica. She is a stunning heart and mind. An incredible soul. A gifted writer who brings her heart and soul to that which she writes and makes you FEEL.

    Thank you for bringing her here.

  4. Veronica has a style that is almost lyrical and it almost transcends poetry itself. To say that she changes the way a reader views the world, is an understatement.

  5. Oh, VeronicaWords, thank you for sharing so much of you with us.

  6. I have not read Veronica, but I will start. What a very, very brave soul you are, to be so transparent, so real, in this age of deception and fraud. Wow. What a blessing you are in this life.

  7. How did I never know about Veronica? Am bookmarking now to read up.

    Thanks for sharing, Katie and Veronica.


  8. She helps you to understand why taking the high road is almost always the right lonely path.

  9. Thanks for doing this, it gave me an opportunity to share myself and meet some new people.

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