If you haven’t checked out the Literary Reads for Dames, Local Dames We Love and Writerly Women we Love, sections of our Blog, please do. It’s on your right.. Errr, left… Err, sidebar. Yes, the sidebar. Okay, so my sense of direction is a teeny bit challenged. Still. I managed to drive myself and my beloved canine son Louie, across country several times without ever getting lost. So, there’s that.


I digress.


While these lists will continue to burgeon, I’m sure; each of these women personifies strength, super intelligence, vulnerability, wicked wit, grace and dignity, all by their design. Some are focused on religion with a unique point of view, while others assertively throw their political hats into the ring with confidence in their political position. A few of these women courageously pour their hearts out and onto their blogs, providing intimate, often painful accounts of their lives. What they all share in common is an indefatigable spirit and a clear picture of what being a woman means to them.


I’ve emailed a few of these gorgeous gals and asked them three questions (Three Dames With A Clue, 3Q’s, are you seeing a pattern? Good. You’re still with me), and over the next few days and weeks, we’ll be posting their interviews right here.


Feed us. Digg us. Add us to Google Reader, because you don’t want to miss these broads, oh so sage pearls.


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