mcguiresisters250Wovents = Womens events, a new weekend series we’re starting here on 3D-WAC to do our part in promoting some fabbalicious dames.

Saint Alice of Chattahoochie, Our Lady of One-Woman Shows
Date/Time:Fri., March 13, 9:00pm, Sat., March 14, 9:00pm, Cavern Club Theatre at Casito Del Campo

“If you’re looking to catch the latest cycle (not menstrual) of that famous tribute to the female genitalia, keep looking. “It’s just not the crying vagina show,” explains Alice Johnson, describing her play Saint Alice of Chattahoochie . “It’s not about cancer, it’s not sentimental. It’s just a ridiculous one-woman play.”More… Check out her Website, SaintAlice.

Lovelace: A Rock Opera
Date/Time:Every week Thursday, Friday, Saturday from Sat., October 18 until Sun., March 29, 8:00pm, Every week Sunday from Sun., October 19 until Sun., March 29, 7:00pm, Hayworth Theatre

“Linda Lovelace, star of Deep Throat, wrote four autobiographies that muddled, not clarified, her unusual life. In the first two, she was a nympho; the second two, a victim. In all, however, her husband, Chuck Traynor (here, played biliously by Jimmy Swan), is clearly a sleaze who lured her into prostitution.” More…  Check out Diva Lovelace’s web palace.

L.A. Women: Paved Paradise
Date/Time:Fri., March 13, 8:00pm, Bang

The show is described as “Steak & Blowjob Day, 9:30 PM. Ha. Find out more about them at their webdigs.

If you’re a dame, a diva or a broad and you’ve got an upcoming Wovent, e-stalk us and we’ll post it on our site.


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